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Sunday, August 27, 2006
My Baby's All Liquored Uuuuup
Bree and Pam played a short set at the "Croquet for Curing Cancer" event Saturday. We all had a good time. The band that played after them, The Snot Rockets, kept us very entertained with several excellend Johnny Cash tunes and their own songs, includind my personal favorite of the evening--"My Baby's All Liquored Up."

The title of the song would prove to be spot-on for all three of us by the end of the night. You see, besides playing and listening to music, we all got in on the croquet action. Bree won her initial round, which enabled her to advance to the finals. In my round, I only got 2nd; but I received a free pass to the finals anyway because the winner of my round had to leave. And wouldn't ya know it, I ended up winning the finals. Woohoo! Yes, I enjoyed quite a come-from-behind victory. Bree seemed poised to win after dropping her final approach shot right in front of the last two wickets; especially since I had just gone before her and blasted my ball several feet beyond the final target. However, my next shot would be nothing short of miraculous. I chipped the ball from behind the wickets and managed to hit Bree's ball--that means I get another shot! So, from there I cooly hit my ball through the last two wickets and nailed the stake to seal the deal. Yessssssssss!

The victory helped contribute to the liquored-up portion of the evening. My prize for taking first place consisted of an autographed Kevin Lockett K-State cap (very nice) and a fifth of Jameson. Needless to say, most of the Jameson disappeared before we got home. Ah, good times indeed.


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