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Sunday, February 17, 2008
Best Description of Fiat Currency, Ever.

Even though most Earthlings do not like to be told how stupid they are, it is a good thing that they are stupid, because if "homo dumbo" truly, truly comprehended the sheer horrifying enormity of what is going to happen because of all of this incomprehensible debt and leverage financed by the Federal Reserve, they would crap in their pants in sheer terror and it would stink like hell.

Another place to look for evidence is anywhere you look in the whole history of the freaking world, even little dip-squat little prehistoric places out in the middle of nowhere, where the primitive people used mastodon crap for money, which was stupid because there was mastodon crap everywhere, and so the money supply was unlimited, so inflation destroyed them all, too, but who can almost be excused for adopting such a stupid money and economic system because they had tiny little brains, and whose entire language system apparently consisted of about 30 words, 5 of them being various nuances of "mastodon crap".

Read the rest of the article, if you wish.

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