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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
What's Your Fantasy?
I've grown a bit tired of constantly dominating NFL fantasy football. I feel like I could sleepwalk through the draft in a couple months and still field a championship-caliber team. I just know too damn much about the NFL. I need a new challenge. Therefore, I've decided to try my luck at English Premier League fantasy football. Yes, fantasy soccer for those of you who don't know better.

The league I've signed up for is a salary cap league. Basically, every player is assigned a value in pounds and you are given 100 million pounds to field a team of 15 players (11 starters and 4 reserves). I played in a baseball league like this once. It's not quite as fun as a draft league, but it'll do. The best part about this kind of league is trying to 'buy low' and 'sell high.' At the beginning, you can't afford to field an entire team of studs--the proven players cost way too much. You have to choose a couple stalwarts and surround them with several players who possess massive upside potential. Then, if you're lucky, several of your 'potential stars' will have a strong start to the season. This will cause their respective values to increase significantly; allowing you to sell them and by some proven studs get you through the rest of the year in a dominating fashion. Fun stuff, huh? I sure think so.

Anyway, here's my current lineup:

Tim Howard, Everton, 5 million pounds
Dean Kiely, Portsmouth, 4 million pounds

John Terry, Chelsea, 8 million pounds
Wes Brown, Manchester United, 6 million pounds
Michael Dawson, Tottenham Hotspur, 5.5 million pounds
Lucas Neill, Blackburn, 5 million pounds
Liam Rosenior, Fulham, 4 million pounds

Tomas Rosicky, Arsenal, 9 million pounds
Aaron Lennon, Tottenham Hotspur, 7.5 million pounds
Steven Davis, Aston Villa, 6.5 million pounds
Ashley Young, Watford, 6 million pounds
Lee Cattermole, Middlesbrough, 5.5 million pounds

Thierry Henry, Arsenal, 14 million pounds
Dimitar Berbatov, Tottenham Hotspur, 8 million pounds
Ricardo Vaz Te, Bolton Wanderers, 6 million pounds

I actually accomplished the perfect pump. 100 million pounds exactly! Hopefully I'll get an excellent return on my investment.

These Englishmen in my league had better watch out! This yankee means business!


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