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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Yes, I Won. Yes, I Dominated.
Thank you, Larry Johnson, for leading the Tonganoxie Terrors to the Kansas City Soap League fantasy football title! Steve Smith, Larry Fitzgerald and Corey Dillon helped a lot, too, but LJ was THE MAN down the stretch. He defined the term "Unleash the Beast!" When Priest went down my team was 3-5. Enter Larry Johnson and the Terrors proceeded to finish 8-6 and steamroll the competition in the playoffs. Woohoo! Gimme da loot, gimme da loot! I can't wait to get my winnings and treat my wife to something nice and totally unneeded.

*UPDATE* Check out my team on the Football Guys 2005 Wall of Champions. If you're looking for an excellent fantasy football information site, go to Football Guys. You don't even have to subscribe. You'll get plenty of good info in the forums from dorks like myself.


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