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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Tax That Booty, Co-Tax The Booty
I prepared my first tax return as an H&R Block tax professional today. It went fairly well. Running the numbers is the easy part. Keeping all the papers and signatures in order takes some serious coordination, however. I should get the hang of it before peak season begins in a couple weeks.

I wish I could do my own taxes now, since we should get a nice refund (thank you mortgage interest, oh, and you, too, tuition expenses). But alas, I have way too many W-2s, 1099s and 1098s to receive yet. Bah, humbug.

Also, I think Refund Anticipation Loans are a rip-off. Seriously, you've already waited a year for this money--what's 1-2 more weeks? This first customer of mine went for the RAL so he could get his money by Monday (the IRS doesn't start accepting returns until the 13th). I guess many people who have several thousand dollars coming their way don't mind the extra 100 or so dollars in fees for the loan. Me, I'll wait a week and keep the 100 bucks for myself.

I can do a few friends and family for free, so, if you happen to be driving around Lawrence with your W-2s and nothing better to do, stop by and I'll hook you up!


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