A Better Version of Me
Sunday, October 02, 2005
Leave It To Beaver
I ate breakfast with a couple elderly coworkers, Ray and Vic, the other morning and listened to them converse about their respective wild-game-eating experiences. They had both talked about their mothers' cooking them rabbit, squirrel, goat and even raccoon. Their recollections of killing, skinning, and eating these animals kept my attention and helped me realize how much the depression affected many families. Then Ray chimed in with a last animal he'd eaten.

"I've even eaten beaver," said Ray.

"Really," asked Victor, "I didn't know you could eat beaver."

"Oh yeah," Ray responded, "it tastes really good, actually."

That effectively ruined my somber mood and caused a large grin to grace my face. They had no idea why I suddenly had such a smirk on my face, and I had no intention of trying to explain it. Generation gaps, gotta love'em.


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