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Saturday, October 29, 2005
Fuera De Exilio
Last May, Audioslave became the first American rock band to perform a live concert in Cuba. This free concert attracted approximately 70,000 people to the Anti-Imperialist Plaza in Havana. You can now purchase a DVD of this performance. If you're a big Audioslave fan, such as myself, I recommend giving this concert a look-see. They play several new songs along with many classic Soundgarden and Rage Against The Machine songs. I'll admit, Chris Cornell can't hold Zack de la Rocha's jock when it comes to reciting the militant poetry of RATM, but he gives it a shot. However, his excellent singing voice and good looks probably put him above Zack overall. The left over RATMers do an excellent job with the Soundgarden tunes. Tom Morello makes this concert worth watching all by himself. There's no better way to figure out exactly how Tom makes his guitar sound so unique than to watch him perform over and over. Tom rocks.


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