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Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Back! Caught You Lookin' For The Same Thing. It's A New Thing--Check Out This I Bring
I've returned from my trip to Portland and I'd like to present a few photos from the trip. Sorry in advance for the poor quality. These are printed photos from my mom's camera that I had to scan. I often forget to take my digital camera on trips!

This pic shows Bree and I at the Fort Vancouver NHS visitors' center showing off our new cancellations in our National Parks Passport. FYI, I pimped the 'F' without weed on my breath.

Check out me and the parents inside the fort. Nice bastion!

"Wow, Multnomah Falls sure is tall! Do you think we can get to the top?"

Here we are at the top of the falls, just a few drops of sweat later. I'm too warm-blooded for my own good.

What a view! This whole area contains many beautiful waterfalls and excellent scenery. I wish we'd had more time to traverse the place.

Mmm...Stanich's. Can't beat 'The Special;' a monstrous cheeseburger with ham, egg and a special sauce.

Ahhh, the downtown city market. I mostly browsed, but I did manage to buy a sweet potato dog treat for Lucy. She has since devoured it.

Here are my parents in the Chinese garden. This place really impressed me.

'Disco' grandma and the grandkids. The groom really stole my thunder in this photo.

The bride & groom were like butter on the way to the reception.


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