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Sunday, October 23, 2005
Aggies To The Side, You Know I Hate Your '98. You Gonna Get Yours!
Well, I went to my first K-State football game of the year yesterday with my father-in-law. The event featured the Texas A&M Aggies as the visiting team. Every sighting of that team brings back bad memories of the 1998 Big 12 Championship game. I saw that game in person and got to witness Sirr Frickin' Parker destroy the Wildcats' dreams of playing for a national championship.

During yesterday's game, I began to think that our time had come to finally avenge that loss, to some extent. This time, K-State found themselves behind by 15 points to begin the fourth quarter. They managed to set off a 20-point salvo during the last quarter of the game, but alas, it didn't put the 'Cats over the top. A&M pulled out a 30-28 victory. Bastards. You're gonna get yours! Someday!


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