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Thursday, September 29, 2005
Pink, It's Like Red But Not Quite
What's with all the hubbub over the University of Iowa's pink locker room?

I don't know why such a ruckus has been raised. I think the color pink makes anyone feel pretty and dainty. I seriously doubt Hayden Fry painted the locker room pink to defame women in any way. Pink's simply a pretty color that might make the opposition's desire to steamroll the Hawkeyes lessen somewhat. Shit, I'd rather play against a team coming out of a pink locker room after listening to some Tiny Tim than go up against a team fresh out of a black locker room that had Rage Against The Machine blasting.

What's next? Do we make the Mary Kay ladies paint their cars black and adorn them with skulls and crossbones to prove their toughness? Hell no. Skulls don't make you want to buy make-up. Pink does, because it makes you feel pretty and happy and just makes you want to hug and kiss everyone you meet.

I don't think this has anything to do with gender roles but I could be wrong. I am just a stupid white male afterall. Ladies, please feel free to enlighten me on this subject if you so desire.


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