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Friday, August 05, 2005
Ladies And Gents, Playas And Pimps, Listen
Fashionably Late's on the mic; pay attention.

Airport Culture


Entries in the Opium Diary

These songs form a snippet of Bree and Pam's latest live performance at O'Malley's in Manhattan, KS. Also, these are some of their newest songs which have yet to be formally recorded on an album. So, these live performances are your only chance to hear them, thanks to Pam's new little recording doohickey that she can take to gigs and plug all the mics and instruments into. I hope you like'em!

*UPDATE* Apparently Merseybeat frowns upon direct links to songs posted on their site. Therefore, you may have to go to Bree and Pam's Homepage to hear the latest songs if you're using Internet Explorer. Scroll down to the bottom and you will find the songs on your left. The problem doesn't seem to rear its ugly head if you're using Firefox; just another reason to use this wonderful browser.


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