A Better Version of Me
Thursday, August 25, 2005
Don't Call It A Comeback
Jeez Louise, I haven't posted in awhile. Sorry! I've been riding my new bicycle quite a bit lately. I've put over 200 miles on her already. I'm even starting to get used to the tight-fitting clothing. Yikes!

The hills of eastern Kansas can really put the hurt on me after several miles. I need to move to the flat prairie of the western portion of the state. I can sprint like a mutha on the flats, but my mass gets the best of me on the long climbs. I feel like 230 pounds of pure pain going up big hills. The ol' power/weight ratio gets the best of me against more petite riders, like my wife. If I keep the riding up, I can probably get back to my critical mass of 210 pounds. Then I'll hammer those hills and leave nothin' but a mushroom cloud in my wake! :)


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