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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
The Master of the Fender Squier Bullet

I took in a couple more Hosty Duo performances last weekend. Man, they are so fun to watch. Mike Hosty's skills on the guitar stand alone themselves. Add in the bass pedals, kazoo, and hilarious jokes between songs, and you've got an excellent performance.

Saturday night Hosty opened for The Moaners at Auntie Mae's in Manhattan, KS. They are a decent girl rock duo out of Chapel Hill, NC. Really, they should've opened for Hosty, but maybe The Moaners got the later billing since they're on a national tour of sorts.

The Moaners' drummer impressed me by playing some guitar and drums at the same time. However, the skills of the lead singer/guitarist were so-so. She had the vocal range of Mariah Carey's pinkie, and her guitar playing was lackluster, especially following Hosty. I think she summarized her performance the best. After her first song she said, "Man, the Hosty Duo rocked. I feel like I'm playing kindergarten guitar up here." Right on, sister.


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