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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
I found $10 in the change slot of the self-checkout lane at the local grocery store today. I never quite know what to do when I find money. If I find it on the ground, I just keep it. Unless it's an exorbitant amount, like the time I found $300 dollars in a lady's yard while I was mowing. I that case, I asked her if she had lost any money recently. She said no. Then I went to the gas station across the street and told them I had found a rather large sum of money nearby and to let me know if anyone came by looking for it. I never heard from them, so I kept the cash.

Today, I noticed the money in the return slot as soon as I approached the counter. I checked out rather slowly, waiting for someone to come in looking for the rest of their change. That never happened. I contemplated giving the money to the cashier, but then I figured he'd just end up keeping it. So, I just took the extra change and went on my merry way.

Hey, I'm not all bad. Last week a McDonalds' cashier gave me an extra $1 in change and I gave it back to him. He seemed rather surprised that I'd do such a thing.

I do my best to look out for the greater good in life, but sometimes it's just easier to keep the money. It was only 10 bucks anyway.


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