A Better Version of Me
Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Mr. Brightside

(Please sing the following lyrics to the tune of The Killers famous song)

Luke Skywalker’s my name
And my sister is so fine
Gotta harness the force
So the Jedi won’t fall
It started out with a kiss
How’d my dad end up like this?
Now my dad is a sith
Now my dad is a sith

The Empire is bad
Obi-Wan fought my dad
Darth was burnt to a crisp
But now he’s got a mask

Sidius’s in his head
And my mother got sick
She birthed me in the bed
But she is in heaven now

Yoda, hid'n now he is
Where'd he go?
And Chewbacca is
A big Wookie
He plays a small role

The Darkside
Made Annakin kill Padme
Put the Death Star in the sky
Made the Jedi wonder why
But it’s just the price I pay
Destiny is calling me
Dad may have joined the Darkside
But I’m Mr. Brightside!




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