A Better Version of Me
Wednesday, March 09, 2005
One Last Trip Nugget
So I'm filling my car with petrol (props to my British readers, if you're out there) at a station in Great Bend, KS, on my way to Dodge City last Saturday when I realize I may have forgotten to pack my bag. I check the trunk and, sure enough, the bag is in absentia. Great, I'm in the middle of western Kansas with nothing but the pair of jeans and K-State t-shirt I'm wearing. Needless to say, I didn't think that outfit would go over well at a wedding. If you don't know western Kansas much, one is very lucky to find a town that has something in it besides a grain elevator. The COOPs are the only buildings that dot the horizon. Thankfully, Great Bend did have a Wal-Mart, being the relative metropolis that it is. I managed to find a dress shirt, khakis, tie, socks and undershirt for the grand total of $50, and I didn't look half-bad in them. Anyway, the crisis was averted, but it did manage to add some extra spice to make the trip extra tasty.


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