A Better Version of Me
Tuesday, February 01, 2005
Hey yo fat girl, come here, are you ticklish?
Yeah, I called you fat. Look at me, I'm ski...okay, so I'm not so skinny anymore. When I went to the doctor today the nurse weighed me in at 240 lbs. Damn! I wouldn't call myself chubby, or even pleasantly plump for that matter, but I guess I've added 15 vanity pounds somewhere. My 6'4" frame definitely has the ability to add the extra poundage without me noticing all that much.

This weather needs to start warming up so I can get outside and start burning some calories. I haven't kicked my wife's but in a good game of tennis in awhile! :) She's actually pretty good, but I think I beat her more times than not. She just can't quite handle my Roddick-like serve yet. However, she exacts her share of revenge in table tennis.


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