A Better Version of Me
Saturday, February 12, 2005
Critical Massey
Where's the Wicked Mitch of the West when we need him? I can barely remember the days of Mitch Richmond, Steve Henson, Charles Bledsoe, LaKeith Humphrey and others. Actually being able to watch a Kansas State basketball team in the NCAA tournament is a distant memory. I hardly remember what it felt like. Lately I've been relegated to rooting against the frickin' Jayhawks every post season. Their numerous letdowns in recent years have provide some consolation. This year started out promising. Jeremiah Massey & Co. have played some great games, but they lack the consistency of a good team.

Alas, the early season dreams of an NCAA bid have all but disappeared. An NIT bid is still possible, but that's a distant second to the Big Dance. Maybe next year will be different. I would really like to be able to dust off my dancin' shoes while I'm still young enough to bust a move.


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