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Monday, February 14, 2005
Aerials, So Up High
Fun with satellite photos.

This bare patch of grass now contains the new development in which I live. The large pond in the middle has since been drained and I have a nice view of its emptyness out my rear livingroom window.

These are the homes of my two favorite professional sports franchises, the KC Royals and the KC Chiefs. They aren't the best teams, but parking isn't one of their problems!

Here's my alma mater, Kansas State University. Go Wildcats! The engineering building is the two offset squares in the left-center.

This is the ENTIRE town of Palmer, KS (population 125), where both my parents grew up and both my grandparents still live. My dad's mom lives across the street north and about half a block east of the ball diamond. My mom's parents live directly west of the grain elevators in the center of the picture.

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