A Better Version of Me
Saturday, January 01, 2005
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it
Well, I had a pretty darn good time celebrating the new year last night. The highlight of my night had to be dancing to "Ice Ice Baby" in the cordoned off streets of Aggieville. They even had the videos to the songs playing on big screens scattered throughout the area. I had forgotten how cool Vanilla Ice looked in his prime!

I also drank my share of alcoholic beverages. The highlights were a few Dos Equis Ambers and the lowlight was probably the champagne of beers, Miller Highlife. I just had to drink that one since it was indeed new years eve and the bar had it on special.

I saw many a tacky outfit and began to wish I had been a little more tacky myself. I'll remember that for next year. I like nights when dressing like an idiot is the norm; then I don't stand out so much.


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