A Better Version of Me
Friday, October 22, 2004
Welcome. Please, come in!
Thank you everyone for following me to my new location. I have bid adieu to my first blog after just a few short days in the business. I had already tired of the title. Tongie's a good town, but it's not my hometown and it's probably not the last place I'll live, so I've made a change while the night is still young. Plus, what good is the word "moxie" without the "Tonganoxie"? It's nothing more than the "ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage."

Now I must move on to the era of "Worldwide Rants." I thought that name sounded good for a blog. Please don't take it to mean that I just rant all the time. I will every now and again, but not too much. I'm a nice guy. Really!


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